Guilt VS Inspiration

On Top Of Ole Smokey So I decided to get up early today and take a hike to Laurel Falls in the Great Smokey Mountains. It seemed like the falls would make a cool backdrop for a video. Which it did, but unfortunately the sound of rushing water is a bit too much background noise […]

Love Your Business Like You Love Your Wife

Commitment is a decision, NOT an emotion! All you need to do is decide if you want to see something through to the end. It’s a lot like marriage. Loving your spouse may start off an emotion, but sometimes you must choose to love them even when they seem to change or grow apart from […]

How To Keep Your Mind Focused On Success

The 30-30-30 Challenge What is it? 30 minutes of reading every morning. 30 minutes of listening to audio in the evening. 30 days straight. The idea behind the challenge is to get into the habit of feeding your mind the right thoughts and information every single day. This helps with staying on track and not […]

The Cure For Procrastination

-When Tomorrow Never Comes- It’s so easy to say “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I’ll get to that later” when we’re trying to avoid doing something productive (and maybe not so fun) in business or just life. The problem is by pushing it off to the next day, we’re slowly killing our momentum and really […]

Can Guilt Be A Good Thing?

Guilt That Moves You Forward Can guilt really be a good thing? Or is that just plain crazy? Here’s the truth, if your guilt causes you take action in your business, and gets you moving forward, then it’s most definitely a good thing. You see, sometimes you need a good “kick in the rear” to […]

They lied when they said making money is “easy”…

Simple VS Easy Easy and simple are 2 different things. Most marketers would have you believe otherwise though. In essence, marketing and selling are both very simple concepts. You just need to get someone to know you, like you, and trust you. Then present them with a product that solves a problem for them. But the […]

1 Simple Tool To Be Hyper Productive

Keep It Simple This may be simple, but it’s also extremely effective. Let’s be real here. It takes a solid 6 months of hard work to really gain traction and build a profitable business. The problem is that it’s so easy to get distracted by a million different things in life… Emails, Youtube, Facebook, Wife, kids, dogs, TV, and the list goes on and […]

Which Wolf Are You Feeding?

I Just Wanted To SCREAM I remember feeling that way many mornings driving to work. Feeling so angry with myself. Feeling angry and aggravated because of my own laziness, my own lack of action. I was mad because I found myself wasting time, sleeping too much, watching TV, and playing video games… Simply wasting away my mornings, evenings, and even my weekends. When I knew exactly what I  should be doing […]

What Do You Do When Frustration Strikes?

Pushing Through Frustration When times get tough, when I’m doing something I’m just really not comfortable doing… I just want to quit.  Can you relate to that? I think it’s natural when we begin to learn new/hard things to get frustrated easy and want to quit. But I’ve learned that just because it’s “natural”, doesn’t mean it’s good for us. If we don’t make the effort to push through the frustration, we can’t […]

How To Build Your Self-D

Get Ripped By Working Your Self D! So when you think of getting “ripped” and building muscle, you probably have visions of “Hercules level” body builders, glistening biceps, and budging pectoral muscles. If you’ve ever seen me (that’s me in the video above), you know I wouldn’t know anything about that… I’ve got more rolls […]