How To Be More Productive Every Single Day

How Much Have You Actually Got Done For Your Business This Week? Do you ever feel like you’re slacking?  Like you’re wasting too much of your day on meaningless, time-killing activities?  Do you ever feel guilty for not spending enough time on your business? When you lay your head down tonight, can you honestly say- “I made the […]

How To Change Bad Habits Into Good Ones

If you missed part 1 of this series, be sure to check it out here —> Creating Success Habits That Stick Habit Tweaking Today we’re continuing the “Habit Hacking” video series. In today’s video I’ll do a brief re-cap of the way habits work that we talked about in video 1. It’s a process called the “Habit Loop”. Next, I’ll show you how making slight adjustments in a bad habit can […]

Creating Success Habits That Stick

Can You Hack Your Habits? Do you ever wonder why certain people seem to be more disciplined than others? Why do some people have great habits like jogging every day or eating healthy foods? While others have more destructive habits, like overeating or watching too much TV or playing too many video games? Honestly, I know (from personal experience) that it’s easier to eat a lot of junk food […]

How To Overcome Any Emotional Obstacle

In Today’s Lesson, You’ll Learn… That’s It’s OK To Take Imperfect Action How This Lesson Saved Someone’s Life How To Take Consistent Action Daily (even when you don’t feel like it) Today’s video is one I recently shot for a video marketing challenge I am in with some other marketers. In the video we’re focusing on overcoming doubts, fears, exhaustion, and really any emotion that’s […]

Do You Really Need A Website For Your Business?

Yes, You Really Do! There are many reasons, and more specifically benefits, to having your own website or blog. One benefit of having your own website/blog is that you can brand yourself instead of branding a company or a product. A majority of affiliates and business owners are only using the standard “cookie cutter” website […]

How Can Jerry Seinfeld Help You Reach Your Goals?

Today I’m going to share something with you that is simple but very powerful. How to take consistent action in your business.  Jerry Seinfeld taught me this very important lesson. And in today’s training video above, I’ll show you exactly how he did that. If you haven’t watched the video yet, be sure to scroll to the top of this page and check it out. The […]

STUPID Simple Money – Part 3

If you missed videos 1 and 2, you can watch them below- Video 1 Video 2   Using Existing Websites For Profit Forget about making your own website (at least for now). Why not just make money where the customers are already going? There are millions of customers shopping through these websites already. Why not […]

STUPID Simple Ways To Make Money Online – Part 2

If you missed video 1, you can watch it here. Cut Out The Complicated Junk When I first got started marketing online, I started studying everything I could find… Copy Writing SEO Blogging Paid Traffic Mindset Email Marketing Attraction Marketing I tried it all and it was all waaay TOO MUCH. I just kept buying product […]

Interview With Tom – How He Went From Cubicle Zombie To Work From Home Blogger

Today I have a special story to share with you. A story about Tom Gerencer. A man who dug deep inside, and pulled himself out of “wage slavery” (as he humorously calls it)  and decided that 8 hours a day in a cubicle was NOT how he wanted to spend his life. Tom and I […]

STUPID Simple Ways To Make Money Online

Some people consider themselves “stupid” when it comes to technology and marketing online. Topics such as website design, graphic design, autoresponders, and capture pages are foreign concepts to them. They simply don’t have enough knowledge/experience in those areas yet, and as a result, it creates a fear…