How To Get Your Loved Ones To Believe In You (and believe that you’re NOT Crazy!)

Is your spouse complaining about your internet marketing addiction? This video is for you…

Do You Really Care About Your Customers? (honestly)

  This is a question all marketers should constantly be asking themselves. Your Customers Are The Lifeblood Of Your Business. If you don’t have their best interests in mind, you’ll have a hard time being truly successful. (and probably lots of hate mail) You should constantly be sending them valuable content, daily if possible, adding something special to their lives. YOU are […]

I Hope You Fail (and LEARN from it)

What the heck Dustin?!?What’s your problem today!!?? You may be thinking this to yourself. Why would I want you to fail?! Am I just in a bad mood this morning? Not at all. Please hear me out for a sec, before you start writing me a big fat hate letter.  :) TRUTH CHECK! OK, so here’s the gospel truth… Some […]

How To Protect Your Blog From Hackers

Tons of WordPress blogs are attacked everyday by hackers. One of the most vulnerable parts of your blog is your user name. It’s common for new wordpress blogs to be assigned the username “Admin” and hackers are very aware of this fact. Brute force attacks are used with this username to attempt to break your […]