Guilt VS Inspiration

On Top Of Ole Smokey

So I decided to get up early today and take a hike to Laurel Falls in the Great Smokey Mountains. It seemed like the falls would make a cool backdrop for a video. Which it did, but unfortunately the sound of rushing water is a bit too much background noise for a video. Don’t worry though. I still got some great shots in the video above. Be sure to watch it above and see just how beautiful this area really  is.


Inspiring Change In People

In today’s video we’re talking about “Guilt VS Inspiration”. The truth is, most people don’t like to be told what to do or to feel guilty about not doing what they need to do to succeed. Instead of just telling people what they need to do,  lead by example, inspire them through action, share stories and messages that encourage them and help them to move forward in their business.

It takes hard work to build a business, but even more important, it takes heart. Share messages that will cut straight to the heart of your prospect and help them to find the strength to keep going. Help them solve problems they’re facing and move forward.

It’s not all about the “how to’s”, sometimes you just need to help them figure out the “why”. What motivates them to keep going and do things that make them uncomfortable?

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