How To Build Your Self-D

Get Ripped By Working Your Self D!

So when you think of getting “ripped” and building muscle, you probably have visions of “Hercules level” body builders, glistening biceps, and budging pectoral muscles.

If you’ve ever seen me (that’s me in the video above), you know I wouldn’t know anything about that… I’ve got more rolls around my mid section that your local buffet, and stretch marks in places I’m not particularly proud of.

So what are we really talking about in today’s video?

Self Discipline. Most people don’t realize that it works just a muscle. You can actually build it up and make it stronger so you can use it in all parts of your life. It’s a muscle that most people only use when they absolutely have to. But as it becomes stronger, you can use it to your advantage to get more done in your business.

Watch today’s video above and learn more…

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