They lied when they said making money is “easy”…

Simple VS Easy

Easy and simple are 2 different things. Most marketers would have you believe otherwise though. In essence, marketing and selling are both very simple concepts. You just need to get someone to know you, like you, and trust you. Then present them with a product that solves a problem for them.

But the bad thing is, when we think simple, we also think “easy”. But that’s really not the case is it?

“Easy” means it takes little work or effort to accomplish. On the other hand, “simple” just means it’s easy to understand. Not necessarily easy to implement and put into action. That’s the funny thing about marketing, the concepts are not really all that complicated, but in order to put all the pieces into place, you must take the time to learn new skills and tools.

These skills take some time and effort to learn, but are tremendously valuable for your business and to others who have yet to learn them. That’s why I’m always telling you to teach others what you learn.

Just don’t mislead them by using the word “Easy”.   ;)

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