What Do You Do When Frustration Strikes?

Pushing Through Frustration

When times get tough, when I’m doing something I’m just really not comfortable doing…

I just want to quit. 

Can you relate to that?
I think it’s natural when we begin to learn new/hard things to get frustrated easy and want to quit. But I’ve learned that just because it’s “natural”, doesn’t mean it’s good for us. If we don’t make the effort to push through the frustration, we can’t become stronger. And in order to grow and produce in this business we must become stronger.

Today’s video (above) is about how pushing through frustration makes you stronger and more valuable as marketer. I’m sure you’ve probably read the statistics about how many small businesses fail each year.

Those stats are even higher for those of us involved in this internet marketing industry. One of the main reasons that people fail, is they are not willing to push outside their comfort zone and become a stronger version of themselves.

Are you willing to do what it takes to be successful?

When times get tough… Do YOU get tougher?

That’s exactly what today’s video is all about. Go ahead and scroll up and watch it.

What are the latest frustrations that you’ve pushed through and accomplished for your business and yourself? Please feel free to share in the comments below…

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