Which Wolf Are You Feeding?

I Just Wanted To SCREAM

I remember feeling that way many mornings driving to work. Feeling so angry with myself. Feeling angry and aggravated because of my own laziness, my own lack of action. I was mad because I found myself wasting time, sleeping too much, watching TV, and playing video games…

Simply wasting away my mornings, evenings, and even my weekends. When I knew exactly what I  should be doing to build my business. And more importantly, I knew the great cost of choosing laziness over purposeful action.

I knew which “wolf” I should be feeding.
(More on that in today’s video above)

But it’s amazing how despite what we know is right, despite what we know is required to become better and move forward in life and business, we continue to make bad choices. Procrastinating, making excuses, and even just quitting all together. That’s why not everyone succeeds in building their own business.

They keep feeding the wrong wolf…

Once you watch today’s video above and hear the story of the 2 wolves, this will make a lot more sense to you. I’m experimenting with different editing techniques in that video. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. I almost understand, and believe! I want to believe but i have been shafted and crippled so many times through people just taking money and giving nothing that I can use to make my life better. I am told when you become desperate enough you will do what you know you should be doing for success, but thats not true: I have been overloaded with information that is useless also, so I dont know what will be my next move. I just need to make money and right now I am ashamed at the way I feel about this internet business, I am inclined to give up trying anymore. Well no the truth is I have given up a 100 times but I am still here because I see people like yourself saying there is money to be made. However there must be something wrong with me a blockage of some kind I DONT GET IT YET? I have been trying a lot longer than anyone you know? I have been trying since 1998 without any success at all. I pray but nothing has help.

    • Mr. Too Blessed To Be Stressed says:

      Hi Rev Brian, sorry I took a bit to respond. For some reason I didn’t see your comment. Anyway, I understand where you’re coming from. It seems you may be dealing with information overload/overwhelm. It happens to a lot of people and the only solution is get dead simple and laser focused with your business. What do I mean by that? In this industry you need 3 things.
      1. Traffic/People (getting leads to your list, usually email)
      2. Connection/relationship with those people (building repor). This takes time and constant communication with them. Be sure to give them valuable information.
      3. Ask those people to buy something from you that they need.

      Keep it simple. Pick one single traffic source. It can be free. For example, I can show you how to use YouTube for leads if you haven’t seen my free course yet. Focus all your time on mastering that one single traffic source. As you see new people coming in, be sure they feel welcome and that you are constantly communicating with them and adding value to their life. 1. Leads/People, 2. Relationships/Give Value, 3. Offer them something to improve their lives (the sale).

      Keep it simple. We can get more specific with your business in the Facebook group if you like. I’ve seen you post some stuff there. That’s really the best place to ask questions. Hope that helps you Sir. :)

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